What Squadrati does is market research and consumer trend analysis, which we seek to deliver with a creative, non-conventional spin.


We use traditional research methods such as focus group and questionnaires but we also employ social media research to garner consumers’ spontaneous judgements, as well as mobile video ethnography to explore their consumption moments in an engaging non-intrusive way


We believe that market research can be a vehicle for communication. That’s why we like to narrate the results of our research simply and engagingly using – to give one example – semiotic squares.




The questions our market research answers:


  • What is my brand’s positioning with respect to competitors? How can my brand position or reposition itself within the market?
  • What new consumer trends are taking hold?
  • What are the potential targets within a market? What do they want? How do they talk?
  • I’m looking to launch a new communications campaign. Does it match my target’s expectations? Does it stand out from the competition (copy test)?
  • I’m looking to launch a new product. Does it match my target’s expectations? (product test). What should I call it? (naming research)
  • How can I use storytelling to develop my brand identity?


BLOG – Far quadrare il mondo su fogli volanti

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